Know your Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives

Click on the image above to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF document showcasing our Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives for 2012-13. The file is set up as an 8.5″ x 11″ document.

United Way and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives are local volunteers who serve our community as leaders in our fundraising and awareness-building efforts across the Mid-South.

These men and women are working alongside United Way staff, the CFC and organization leaders to support our network of nonprofit agencies, improving education, financial stability and health across the Mid-South.

Working as a Loaned Executive team member can be very challenging. Sometimes, it means working into the wee hours of the night to meet with late shift employees to share how their support is making a difference. Weekends can be spent talking with citizens at local community fairs or making presentations at workplaces with nontraditional hours.

We thank our Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives for the sacrifices they make and for all they do to support United Way of the Mid-South and the CFC. They are truly a vital part of our work to improve people’s lives every day.

About Dave Skorupa, UWMS

Dave Skorupa is Director of Communications at United Way of the Mid-South in Memphis, TN
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